Creating your Product - 3D Modeling

   This free course, Create an Object Utilizing TinkerCAD, is a hybrid style face-to-face instructor lead course designed to introduce and strengthen prototyping skills for those entrepreneurs who are business orientated, engineering inclined, or curious at heart.

   This course takes place in a computer lab environment with the instructor having a computer and projector for displaying examples. Within the lab environment, both students and instructor will be gaining access to a freeware 3D modeling software called TinkerCAD.  This course will take place over a 75-90-minute duration and the subjects to be covered in this course will benefit students on the use of a 3D modeling software to better their critical thinking skills when designing a product in their respective fields. This course is designed for entrepreneurs in either the Industrial Tech, Engineering, or Business fields.

Instructor Jonathan Puhl helps individuals take an idea through development into a prototype and ultimately a product. Not only will he take students through the process of creating a 3D model, but will challenge students to think about their product from different perspectives.

 - Participants must bring their own computer to work on.

 - Participants must know their way around a computer, but no coding or programming experience is required.

 - Participants must be pumped about modeling an awesome creation.

   Email Jonathan here: [email protected]

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